The first financial business game that allows you to create a real basic financial flow and realize all your dreams and goals as soon as possible.

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What is Quantum?

Quantum - это интерактивная система быстрого роста и развития, построенная по принципу взаимодействия (создание новых взаимосвязей между людьми) на единой, международной платформе, в которую входят самые современные, прогрессивные и интересные люди со всего мира.

Quantum is an innovative interaction model created in the form of an economic and strategic new-generation business game , based on real events and processes, which allows everyone to change their lives for the better, to know their true destination, to gain inner and financial freedom.

Reality game

A virtual game in the real world, uniting millions of people in one space, which allows you to move and develop faster than in ordinary life.


Joint investment, creation, purchase, sale, asset management, companies, Internet projects in various fields in order to obtain a fixed income.


The idea of six degrees of separation on-stream - solve any local or global issues, intercommunicate and create together the most ambitious projects.

Quantum areas

Quantum uses a model of game reality in which you, surrounded and interacting with other players, build your real and not virtual life, realize your goals and dreams, so the game does not end, but always goes on.
The game comprises all areas of modern human activity.

  • Gamification of processes

    A transparent system of levels, statuses and stages of development of all players for the joint achievement of global goals.

  • Joint purchases and investments

    Joint asset purchase in the real sector of economy: companies, commercial real estate, Internet projects, work ideas, startups.

  • Joint developments

    Co-creation of ideas, trends, products, projects, companies and startups of international level.

  • Cooperative learning

    The best courses, workshops, training sessions and the most relevant practical guides to learn trend areas.

  • Communication and connections

    Communication, new connections, sharing of useful information, interesting ideas, experience.

  • Travel, recreation, leisure

    Joint pastime, recreation, leisure, visiting events, traveling to different countries and cities around the world.

Be the first

First of all, Quantum participants strive to be the first and set the vector of movement and development of the entire surrounding world.

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Be strong

Quantum participants are strong, successful, goal-oriented people who are ready to set big goals and achieve them.

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Build the future

All participants use best endeavors and set trends in all courses of world development, fully influencing the Quantum development in all areas.

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Be together

Quantum is a territory of complete trust and friendly environment, created by each participant for interaction and rapid growth in any field of activity.

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Quantum targets

The Quantum's target is to unite millions of people to create grandiose projects and a strong environment, united by common goals, principles and motives, the atmosphere of which serves for the rapid development and achievement of personal goals of each game participant.

Fields of activity

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100$25$ / year

  • Quantum World Card
  • Game Quantum
  • First playing field
  • 24/7 Support
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2500$ / year

  • Official representative
  • Private club and Quantum World card
  • Game Quantum+
  • First playing field
  • 24/7 Support
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The future is now

Quantum is a union of people of a new generation who are ready to develop and change the whole world for the better.

Quantum World Card

Each participant gets a personal virtual card, which provides access to all the areas and tools for interaction between all Quantum participants.

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Our principles

The concept of Quantum is built on the fundamental principles of creating a favorable environment with an eye toward rapid development.


A fully self-sustaining system governed by all participants (voting, appointment of representatives, decision-making).

Environmental friendliness

Creation of eco-friendly environment that unites people with common life values and philosophy.


Innovative tools, solutions, approaches, use of blockchain technologies in the Quantum development all over the world.


Openness and full transparency of participants to each other. The territory of complete trust.


If you have any questions or suggestions, please fill out the form below or contact one of indicated contacts.